Semtech Launches GS12070 UHD-SDI Gearbox for Next Generation UHDTV Infrastructures

The GS12070 features single-chip UHD-SDI rate conversion and enables equipment manufacturers and broadcasters to take a standards-based, commercial off-the-shelf approach to UHDTV infrastructures, minimizing the risk of interoperability issues.

Next generation UHDTV infrastructures, in addition to requiring seamless conversion between different UHD-SDI formats, will require integration with existing SDI infrastructures. The Semtech GS12070 seamlessly converts between HD-SDI, 3G, 6G and 12G UHD-SDI interface profiles. Alternative conversion technologies require equipment manufacturers to license third-party IP cores at an additional expense or develop in-house intellectual property solutions with increased development, schedule and interoperability risks.

“Broadcasters are demanding a fully standardized, interoperable, commercial off-the-shelf technology for their next-generation UHDTV infrastructures, and the GS12070 Gearbox is uniquely positioned to enable these demanding requirements today,” said Don Shaver, Director of Video Marketing for Semtech’s Signal Integrity Product Group. He continued, “UHD-SDI is the ideal interface for UHDTV infrastructures."

Key Features of the GS12070

Fully integrated gearbox solution: Four-input and four-output IC supporting conversions between multi-link, dual-link and single-link UHD-SDI interfaces. Support for 12G, 6G, 3G and HD line rates to maximize compatibility with existing SDI infrastructures.

Automatic link ordering: Automatic link ordering for multi-link interfaces simplifies integration and automatically compensates for UHD-SDI cabling issues that often arise during installation.

Automatic skew correction: In the most common conversion modes, automatic compensation for channel skew, an unavoidable system challenge in multi-link UHD-SDI systems, exceeds the SMPTE recommended skew tolerance specification. This minimizes the need for additional system resources and simplifies the overall system design.

Integrated 4x4 crosspoint switch: Enables signal routing from any of the four 12G UHD-SDI inputs to any of the four 12G UHD-SDI outputs making it an ideal choice for UHDTV routing and distribution amplifier applications.

Small form factor: Simplifies design integration and application compatibility.

The GS12070 will be available for sale the second half of 2016.

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