TSL’s US Debut of TallyMan Virtual Panel

New Virtual Panel from TSL Products provides simple centralized control of a wide range of broadcast equipment.

At the 2016 NAB Show, TSL Products will unveil in the US a new Virtual Panel add on option for TallyMan, a control system that coordinates critical infrastructure components in a TV facility, to ensure that creative teams, talent and camera operators are aware of (and can instruct) relevant systems at pertinent times throughout the production.

With the addition of the new TallyMan Virtual panel, users can now access the powerful functionality provided in every TallyMan system out-of-the-box through an intuitive interface that is fully customizable to end users’ requirements.

The Tallyman Virtual Panel uses a unique configurable touch screen interface to control many different routers. It eliminates the need to purchase vendor specific router control panels for each operational area. Users can design their own control interface in a flexible cost effective way, individually tailored to the needs of each operating position, allowing operators to concentrate on their job, rather than interoperability.

Almost every new device in a facility has a control interface, whether Serial, SNMP, TCP/UDP or web browser interface. The TallyMan Virtual panel gives simple, intuitive access to all. It provides signal flow management of routers, switchers and consoles.

It allows grouped signal flow management, facilitating 4K, SD-follow-HD and audio-follow-video functionality across or within routing devices.

It also provides procedure automation (macros) to simplify multi step procedures across multiple devices into a single button press or without any human interaction with live feedback on the virtual panel. TallyMan contains a fully fledged GPI router with pre-sets.

The TallyMan virtual panel is compatible with all TallyMan installations. New and existing users will gain a new level of interaction with their facility. It is a powerful addition that can be implemented in any facility with minimal interference to operations.

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