AEQ Phoenix ALIO Audiocodec Makes Remotes Easy

With the Phoenix ALIO, AEQ re-invents the concept of portable IP audio codecs.

Phoenix ALIO and "ControlPhoenix" management software are the only things you need to keep your quality remotes under control!

While designed specifically for sports commentary and reporting, the Phoenix ALIO is easy to use across a wide variety of applications including talk shows and musical events. The codec incorporates AEQ OPUS encoding algorithms providing high-quality audio communications and low latency.

ALIO can connect to most other vendors’ equipment using SIP communications protocol. When the ALIO is connected to another AEQ unit, the user benefits from an additional set of control and setup tools. Now, connecting to a remote site and control of the unit become simple tasks.

For example, the intelligent call-initiation system “Smart RTP” can automatically connect to a remote unit, negotiate the desired encoding and complete the setup process for both ends of the link without additional protocols or ports. This simplified functionality makes the ALIO a great tool for even the most inexperienced reporter. For more sophisticated applications, the unit can be managed by AEQ ControlPhoenix control software.

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