Base Media Cloud Launches to Redefine Storage

UK start-up Base Media Cloud wants “to redefine media storage and media workflows” with a new cloud-based storage platform aimed at media producers and post facilities. According to founder and managing director Ben Foakes, Base Media Cloud can create significant cost savings and efficiencies for media companies operating across a range of digital media sectors.

The company’s 'Storage as a Service' platform claims to addresses the issue of exponential growth in volumes of high quality media files being acquired, stored and delivered throughout the media production process.

Base Media Cloud is a new kind of media facilities company,” said Foakes - founder of boutique Fitzrovia post house Sequence Post. “Our business model has been inspired by years of hands-on experience in production, post and technology services, working across multiple media disciplines from commercials and broadcast to digital feature film.

“We offer cost effective, easy to use solutions for media companies to help them save money, grow their core creative businesses and remove the pain of technology purchase and management.

“Our Storage as a Service products have been designed to deal with significant growth in volumes of Raw footage, masters and project assets that need to be securely stored and accessed by our clients 24/7, on demand.

“This is just the beginning of our roadmap to provide end-to-end, software powered media work flows in the cloud.”

Base Media Cloud’s managed platform is built around Zadara Storage technology and can be tailored specifically for media workflows, directly integrating with file transfer and work flow software applications including Signiant and Aspera.

Hosted in the UK with Vodafone Cloud and Hosting Services and connected directly to Vodafone’s backbone fibre network, Base Media Cloud enables clients to backup, archive and share their media files with no retrieval charges and no long- term contracts.

Costs start at £35 per TB per month. The company’s pay-per-use pricing model has been designed for media production budgets, allowing clients to focus on content creation rather than technology, says Foakes.

The company has already signed up All3Media subsidiary Little Dot Studios to supply cloud storage with Signiant Media Shuttle integration.

The solution allows Little Dot Studios to spend less on buying kit, and operate a leaner, more creatively-focussed business, says Foakes.

“We are pleased that BASE Media Cloud chose Zadara Storage as their media storage as a service platform,” said Dani Naor, vp, international sales of Zadara Storage. “BASE Media Cloud is proving to be an excellent partner because their solution brings unique and significant value to the creative industry. Media & Entertainment is one of the key market segments that is recognizing the need to move beyond traditional methods of purchasing and managing digital storage, which cannot keep up with the exponential growth in capacity. These customer requirements are better served with innovative as-a-service solutions such as BASE Media Cloud.”

BASE Media Cloud could lower storage costs because of the less need for physical infrastructure upfront and maintenance costs.

BASE Media Cloud could lower storage costs because of the less need for physical infrastructure upfront and maintenance costs.

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