Media General Centralizes Graphics Production at 15 Stations With ChyronHego Networked Technology

Media General has adopted a suite of next-generation graphics creation and workflow solutions from ChyronHego to be installed in MGFX, Media General’s centralized graphics hub in Richmond, VA to support 15 of its O&O TV stations.

ChyronHego's BlueNet, Mosaic, CAMIO, and Axis World Graphics systems will give each station's production control room an integrated and comprehensive platform for graphics creation and workflow management, asset management, and cloud-based graphics order management. ChyronHego’s professional services group has deployed a team of graphic artists that is working with MGFX and the local stations to migrate legacy content into the new graphics production platform.

“One of our goals for the graphics upgrade was to empower our local teams at the stations to do more of their own graphics creation,” said Mark Turner, vice president of station engineering and operations, Media General. “After evaluating many products, it was clear that ChyronHego not only met our requirements for a fully integrated single-vendor solution, but also provides the cloud-based tools, such as Axis, to make the local stations more self-sufficient—all in a manner that closely mirrors our existing workflows. Plus, the ChyronHego team is giving us outstanding support as we drive to our go-live date.”

ChyronHego's BlueNet establishes an end-to-end graphics workflow to accelerate graphics creation and playout using Mosaic, while CAMIO powers distribution, access, and management of the graphics assets. MediaMaker, a CAMIO component, seamlessly integrates the ChyronHego graphics creation tools with Media General's file-based workflows and third-party editing systems. 

The Axis World Graphics cloud-based order management system enables personnel at each station, ranging from reporters to editors to news producers, to access a rich set of graphics templates and build broadcast-quality graphics rapidly and easily.

Media General maintains operations in 48 markets, reaching 23 percent of the U.S. television audience and 48 percent of the Internet audience with its broadcast and digital content.

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