Telycam Showcase New Products And Technology Partnerships At 2024 NAB Show

Telycam is pleased to announce the official shipping of its latest technological advancement, the Explore SE PTZ camera. Positioned as a frontrunner in the field of PTZ video cameras, Telycam will showcase its Explore SE model – distinguished by its seamless integration of NDI 6 video connectivity technology and FreeD compatibility – at the 2024 NAB Show.

Telycam will also demonstrate the results of another powerful industry collaboration. Underscoring its compatibility with virtual studio solutions and fostering expanded avenues for creative expression, the Explore SE has received certification from Brainstorm. NAB attendees are cordially invited to witness this unveiling and participate in shaping the future of video technology.

NDI 6 demos featuring Explore SE PTZ camera with embedded NDI Bridge
As one of the vendors selected for the exclusive NDI 6 beta testing program, Telycam is thrilled to lead the charge in advancing camera image quality and showcasing the convenience of embedding the NDI Bridge utility for hardware directly into PTZ cameras.

NDI 6 introduces a host of enhancements including 10-bit HDR support and WAN connectivity. With full native HDR support, NDI 6 brings images with higher contrast, wider color gamut, and minimal color banding, while ensuring broad compatibility with PQ and HLG formats. The addition of WAN connectivity is achieved directly via the NDI Bridge utility for hardware, marking a significant step towards establishing true large-scale IP connectivity and simplifying the integration of products with NDI technology, starting with cameras.

At the Telycam booth, visitors can experience firsthand the exceptional image quality and WAN capabilities enabled by NDI 6. Live demonstrations in collaboration with Magewell and distributor MVD will showcase the Explore SE PTZ camera with the embedded NDI Bridge utility for hardware, highlighting seamless integration without the need for additional NDI tools; remote operation; and low-latency transmission within NDI-enabled production workflows. Thanks to NDI 6, Telycam PTZ cameras can effortlessly and seamlessly integrate into cloud production environments, anticipating future trends that offer scalability, flexibility, and accessibility for content creation and distribution.

AR/VR demos to showcase Brainstorm-certified Explore SE camera with InfinitySet
In addition to its integration with NDI 6, Telycam is pleased to announce its certification by Brainstorm for the integration of Telycam PTZ cameras with Brainstorm AR/VR solutions. Demonstrations will feature Explore SE providing both video and tracking data, received frame-by-frame and rendered in real time in Brainstorm’s InfinitySet solution that sets the standard in virtual production innovation. The Telycam keyboard controller, V Joy+, will be used to manage both the virtual cameras within the Brainstorm platform and the real Explore SE PTZ cameras. This collaboration underscores Telycam’s commitment to exploring and equipping its products with advanced features, empowering users to address the evolving trends and needs in video production including the burgeoning field of AR and VR production.

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