Theater am Hagen Relies On RTS Digital Partyline

After many decades of service, the management of the 320-seat Theater am Hagen in Straubing chose to upgrade its legacy stage manager system and all staff communications with an intercom solution from RTS.

This versatile communications system is ideally suited for installation in theaters, churches, broadcasting and industrial facilities, among other performance venues. Five licensed configurations ensure the system meets budgetary constraints and specific installation requirements. In a compact 1RU enclosure, OMS (OMNEO Main Station) offers a flexible and cost-effective multi-format solution that combines and processes DANTE, AES70, RVON, wired and wireless as well as digital and analog devices.

A wired DBP (Digital Beltpack) is available at the lighting control room's fixed location in the Gallery. The beltpack features four channels, can be powered by PoE+ (Power over Ethernet 802.3af and 802.3at) and is connected via OMNEO IP technology. The hybrid design supports both digital partyline and matrix keypad modes. The stage management system, ticketing office, dressing rooms and lighting control are equipped with a total of four DKP and KP series intercoms.

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