Triveni Digital Unleash New NEXTGEN TV Solutions For Broadcasters

At the 2023 NAB Show, Triveni Digital will showcase new NEXTGEN TV solutions for broadcasters that improve efficiency and maximize revenue opportunities while enabling a more engaging and interactive television experience for viewers.

As ATSC 3.0 deployments continue to grow in the U.S., broadcasters need powerful solutions that simplify NEXTGEN TV delivery and maximize revenue generation.

NEW Solutions Highlighted at the 2023 NAB Show:

- NEW Translator for Optimizing ATSC 3.0 Redistribution
Triveni Digital will introduce a new ATSC 3.0 Translator that reduces the cost of ATSC 3.0 service delivery. Leveraging the ATSC 3.0 Translator, broadcasters can efficiently repeat or translate their existing ATSC 3.0 signal to other areas without the need for an entire broadcast chain, minimizing costs, equipment, and power.

The solution is ideal for both public state-wide networks and private cloud-based environments. The ATSC 3.0 Translator is also perfect for business channels using SRT distribution, signal capturing for manufacturing, signal monitoring for automobiles and remote areas, ATSC 3.0 retransmission, changing channel numbers for local broadcast stations, and more.

- NEW ATSC 3.0 Low-Power TV Bundle
Triveni Digital will introduce a new bundled solution with global video technology provider Synamedia for low-power TV broadcasters. The solution includes Triveni Digital’s GuideBuilder XM ATSC 3.0 ROUTE/MMT Transport Encoder and ATSC 3.0 Broadcast Gateway scheduler integrated with a Synamedia encoder. This bundle is targeted at smaller stations with up to one HD and three SD programs. Benefits of the solution include a lower equipment footprint and minimized capex.

- A3SA Decryption and Continuous Transport Stream Recording Capabilities for StreamScope XM
Triveni Digital will highlight a new decryption capability for the StreamScope XM Analyzer and Monitor. Using the decryption functionality, broadcasters can transmit encrypted content in the ATSC 3.0 environment to better understand who their subscribers are and monetize NEXTGEN TV services. The company will also showcase a 12-port input card and new Continuous Transport Stream Recording capability that enables a wider, more detailed dataset for troubleshooting QoS issues.

- ATSC 3.0 Demonstrations
At the 2023 NAB Show, Triveni Digital will partner with leading technology companies and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) to showcase the latest NEXTGEN TV innovations, including:

  • GPS accuracy: Triveni Digital and the NAB will highlight a new solution that leverages ATSC 3.0 bandwidth to increase the accuracy of GPS services.
  • E-learning: Triveni Digital’s SkyScraper XM Datacasting System is integrated with an education content delivery system from the Information Equity Initiative (IEI) to simplify the distribution of e-learning services.
  • Low-power TV offering: Triveni Digital and Synamedia will demo a low-power TV bundle for ATSC 3.0 service delivery.

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