LiveU Unveils Its Next-Gen Solo PRO Portable Encoder

LiveU has unveiled its next-generation Solo PRO portable bonding encoder for engaging live coverage, combining professional-grade 4K and HEVC video quality with rock-solid reliability.

The Solo PRO ensures the smoothest streaming experience, combining up to six IP connections four 4G/5G cellular modems, WiFi and LAN leveraging LiveU's patented LRT (LiveU Reliable Transport) technology. Enabling a streamlined cloud production with an easy set-up, the LiveU Solo PRO can be used for any type of live event coverage, both indoors and outdoors, including corporate, entertainment, sports, government, religious and IRL streaming. Solo PRO is the perfect tool for content creators of all live platforms, including Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and TikTok.

LiveU Solo PRO can be used as part of an end-to-end real-time workflow. Users can go live directly from their camera/switcher to popular online platforms and any web destination.

Weighing just over 900g (2 lbs), the LiveU Solo PRO offers exceptional video quality in a compact and lightweight portable unit that can be taken anywhere. Streaming up to 4Kp60 resolution in H.264 or HEVC, the Solo PRO’s HEVC capability offers the same quality in half the bandwidth of H.264, or twice the quality in the same bandwidth. Limitless coverage is ensured with extended internal battery time, easy-to-use USB-C external battery and flexible carrying options. With its modular configuration of up to six connections, Solo PRO offers the best results in any scenario.

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