Seven Extends Its Use Of Ai-Media’s Offerings

Ai-Media Technologies, a global provider of technology-driven captioning, transcription and translation services, is pleased to announce it has successfully renewed its exclusive agreement with major Australian broadcaster Seven Network (Seven).

AI Media commented that they are extremely pleased to have signed this renewal which showcases the strength of the new iCap product offering, which continues to deliver the best possible captioning quality with the highest published uptime in the industry. 

Since 2016 Ai-Media has been the exclusive provider of captioning services to Seven across all markets. The renewal includes a significant technology uplift delivering improvements in scalability and cost for Seven.

The full suite of Ai-Media’s products and services will be available to Seven once transition to the iCap network is completed by Q3 FY2023.

A key element of the renewal is Seven’s organisation-wide implementation of SubSilo, which uses Ai-Media’s captioning to power automated search across Seven’s extensive media archive.

Seven have partnered with Ai-Media since 2016 and have ensured that the captioning service is the best possible quality for all of viewers who rely on the service. The focus has been on the tight technical integration between existing systems, Ai-Media and playout operations. The renewal further enhances the ability to deploy accurate automated captions across more content as well as improved media search for Seven’s internal teams by utilising technology from Ai-Media’s recent EEG acquisition.

Under the agreement, Ai-Media will deliver all captioning across the Seven network at lower costs to Seven, driven by the rollout of the iCap network through the iCap Encode products and the automated Lexi and Smart Lexi SaaS products. Seven will continue to benefit from the integrated SubSilo product which fully indexes archived content across the network with “search by caption” functionality available 24 hours after broadcast.

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