Veset Demonstrate New Cloud Playout Platform Features At IBC

Veset will be showcasing a number of new features in its enterprise cloud playout platform, Veset Nimbus, at this year’s IBC. The new features and functionalities include the introduction of scheduling blocks, support for Adobe After Effects, and the ability to view a weekly programme schedule.

Veset Nimbus is an enterprise grade, self-service SaaS application for origination of linear channels using public cloud. In July 2022, Veset announced that in addition to offering a self-service SaaS business model, it would start offering a hosted and managed service to customers.

Veset Nimbus has added a few key features to its toolkit:

Scheduling Blocks
In order to cater to FAST channel originators who are not used to broadcast scheduling systems, They added scheduling blocks capabilities which enable Veset Nimbus users to create and schedule pre-set blocks of events. These blocks can contain primary events that can be played sequentially or randomly every time the block is scheduled. Additionally, if the user changes the original block contents, it will dynamically change all scheduled occurrences of this block in your playlists, thus allowing the user to make bulk changes to many blocks/playlists at once easily.

Scheduling Weekly View
Veset Nimbus’ scheduling and channel management module now includes a weekly view for channels, providing content owners with an overview of the whole broadcast week. This editable view can be used to easily schedule content, enabling programmers to plan playlists, and providing a high-level overview of a whole week’s events.

Adobe After Effects Integration
Adobe After Effects (AE) projects can now be imported natively into Veset Nimbus. This allows Veset Nimbus users to import their Adobe AE projects into the system and schedule them as secondary events (graphics) with dynamic text, images, and videos. The system will then automatically render the graphics and insert them as scheduled into playout output streams. This feature is available in the Veset Nimbus system as a separate module.

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