TDF And DIGIDIA Deploy DAB+ In France

TDF, based in Paris, has recently added 8 DIGIDIA FlexiDAB multiplexers and more than 50 encoders to their digital transmission head end.

This addition brings the total number of multiplexers to over 30 with more than 150 encoders in place. TDF is the first broadcast operator to put in place an “IP only” DAB multiplexer; the centralized architecture consists of a redundant system with AoIP inputs and EDI outputs. Smart EDI switches have recently been added to the architecture.

All audio services of the system are monitored by DIGIDIA’s EasySPY product. DIGIDIA is one of the broadcast industry’s leading providers for DAB multiplexers, encoders, gateways and system tunnel breaks, and has been part of NAUTEL since 2021.

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