Solid State Logic Feature Its New SSL Live L650 Console And V5 Software At NAB 2022

Experience the SSL Live L650 and the latest V5.0 software, SSL’s flagship solution for installed sound & events, houses of worship and touring.

The SSL Live V5.0 software, which is being demonstrated in conjunction with the SSL Live L650 console, offers a powerful set of integrated control solutions for L-Acoustics' L-ISA and Meyer Sound Spacemap GO, Shure ULX-D and Axient Digital Mic Control, providing control over key features from within the SSL Live console ecosystem, in addition to new processing tools: Blitzer, Sorcerer and much more.

"The SSL Live L650 is a powerful solution for both touring professionals and house of worship operators," says Fernando Guzmán. "Built on our flexible Tempest processing engine and utilizing our legendary SuperAnalogue audio technology and, as all SSL Live consoles, legendary SSL processing tools, the L650 is the most flexible, scalable and powerful Live console to date. Its remote capabilities and make it nimble and scalable for many touring or house of worship applications, while the sound quality, workflow and dependability are exactly what you would expect from SSL."

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