G&D Exhibit Cutting-edge KVM Over IP Products

Guntermann & Drunck (G&D), a leading KVM manufacturer, will be presenting new products in “real world” applications at the NAB Show 2022.

New high-end product range impresses with great user experience and small dimensions
G&D presents their new and unique, high-performance KVM-over-IP extender series VisionXS. The new IP extender series utilizes standard ethernet networks with up to 10 Gbit bandwidth and therefore requires much less compression at higher display resolutions. G&D's proprietary lossless video compression bluedec transmits pixel-perfect resolutions up to 4K60 and improves the user experience many times over. As a special highlight, the integrated IP-MUX function lets a console device manage multiple target IP addresses from up to 20 computer sources without requiring additional hardware. For simpler applications, the on-screen display can be used to switch between different sources.

Anyone needing to frequently change switching states and wanting to benefit from useful control room features can rely on a KVM matrix. In addition to the ControlCenter-IP for highly scalable applications, G&D now also provides a compact solution for smaller installations and like all G&D KVM-over-IP solutions in the portfolio, is compatible with all standard network components. The ControlCenter-IP-XS is an ideal entry-level variant for basic installations with up to 20 end devices.

G&D – a powerful team player in broadcast applications
KVM systems play an essential role in broadcasting by forming the link between IT and broadcast structures and thereby offering operation across systems and independently from any platforms as well as comprehensive interoperability. G&D systems can be optimally integrated into existing media or broadcast control and monitoring systems to ensure uniform operation and to bundle and simplify multi-level, complex processes. They also work perfectly with broadcast control systems such as KSC from BFE, VSM from Lawo, Cerebrum from Axon (EVS) and many others. In addition, G&D have been a member of the Grass Valley Technology Alliance for several years and is the preferred KVM solution for the Ignite system. With G&D’s seamless interaction of heterogeneous systems, complex scenarios are much easier to operate.

New unlimited layout flexibility for multi-signal workflows
To enable employees in broadcast and production control rooms to keep an eye on all content, various screens can be displayed on one large monitor. G&D is responding to this demand by presenting their new PersonalWorkplace-Controller. Depending on the application, the multi-viewing tool can display and operate up to 26 video sources on a single monitor. This way, broadcast specialists benefit from an almost unlimited flexible layout with high image quality up to 4K60. The PWC optimizes broadcast workflows such as in Master Control Rooms, where multiple signals need to be monitored. Combining a KVM system with the PWC ensures secure, high-performance and flexible access to all relevant computer systems. It is also possible to use the PersonalWorkplace-Controller to display the sources on a large video wall.

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