SSL Showcase Enhancements To System T Broadcast Audio Platform

Enhancements to System T include new scalable TE1 and TE2 Tempest Engines, enhanced multi-operator remote workflows and integrated 3rd party device control.

Solid State Logic will be highlighting the many significant advancements of its System T broadcast audio platform, with their team of AoIP experts on hand for in-person consultations:

  • New TE1 & TE2 Tempest Engines featuring scalable Pay-As-You-Go licensing capabilities designed to work in harmony with your production requirements.
  • Flexible, multi-operator remote production workflows.
  • NGA / Immersive production capabilities; channel and bus formats with 3D panning.
  • Advanced Dante AoIP implementation, featuring full routing control directly from the console with AES67 and ST 2110 integration.
  • Integrated control of Shure Axient wireless mics and Dante enabled Rednet MP8R Mic IO directly from the console.

Also debuting at NAB will be the new SSL Live L650 console and V5 software, featuring immersive / object based mixing control of L’Acoustics L-ISA / Meyer Spacemap Go loudspeaker systems, new processing tools, and operator focused workflow enhancements.

SSL will also demonstrate the latest feature updates for their range of consoles and control interfaces. The large-format configurable S500 and fly-pack S500m surface, as well as pre-configured surface options in the S300 range suited to mid-size production facilities, make these consoles flexible for many different applications and scale of broadcast production. Tempest Control Rack (TCR) offers a 3 RU solution for production environments where a powerful broadcast audio mixer is required but a traditional console is not. 

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