​LynTec Power Control In Alaska

Alaska Universal Productions (AUP) installed two LynTec RPCR Automated Relay Panels to provide 32 circuits of automated power control, enabling fast and efficient lighting presets to support the broadcaster’s schedule.

AUP redid the entire lighting grid, incorporating existing and new lighting for a total of 150 fixtures that included a mix of ETC Source Four, Philips Selecon PLCyc, and multiple Brightline fixtures. To provide engaging infographics and videos during news segments, four video walls were installed around the facility.

A pair of LynTec RPCR-16 Automated Relay Panels manage power to the LED fixtures and grant individual control over every circuit, providing the flexibility that previously would have come from a dimming system. This way, the lighting control system can cycle power to individual circuits to give an occasional hard reboot to the LED fixtures or to enable service in one area while maintaining lighting in another.

“Upgrading to LED lighting and video systems provide astounding visual enhancements on a broadcast set, but it’s critical to understand these systems demand a smart power control solution to truly optimize their energy efficiency and longevity,” said Mark Bishop, president of LynTec. “The installation at Alaska’s News Source highlights how our AV and lighting control panels are purpose built to support this increasing trend.”

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