TSL Products Bridges The Gap Between Broadcast And Pro AV

TSL Products broadcast control solutions are designed to power audio-visual workflows by creating a unified overlay for any system infrastructure, whether SDI, NDI or ST-2110.

This allows broadcast and pro AV customers to take control of production kits across a facility with a single interface, including presentation, cameras, multi-viewers, graphics and more. TSL’s control systems easily adapt to pre-existing infrastructures, providing flexibility to achieve specific project and application-led goals, saving valuable time and investment.

TSL bridges the gap between broadcast and pro AV workflows. With TSL’s simplified operator experience and dedicated support and training sessions, pro AV customers can take ownership of configurations, minimise training time and margin for error by learning how to configure and maintain systems in the most efficient manner. The solutions also allow for remote production and control within live streamed events and virtual productions.

No matter the application, TSL can help customers build open ecosystems using the best technology available, whilst maintaining control from one place. With a user-friendly web interface, it’s now possible to undertake high-level productions involving executives around the world, whilst appearing to be hosted from the main auditorium. With TSL’s control systems, operators can quickly create the interfaces needed to manage enterprise operations, conferencing venues, meeting spaces, entertainment, eSports productions and more.

With multi-device streaming requirements for at home-engagement, to more dynamic onsite live production across venues and conference centres, those working in the pro AV space are beginning to see the value in using cost-effective broadcast solutions to support a high-quality level production. TSL’s broadcast controllers provide a technologically advanced, yet simple-to-operate solution for a variety of tier-one AV end users. This includes Kromers, a technology consulting agency specialising in audio-visual systems, and TJ Sports, Asia’s largest eSports production centre.

Kromers was recently called on by a major investment bank and global financial services company to deliver a control infrastructure that could provide top flexibility for both in-house teams and external clients. The installer turned to TSL’s advanced broadcast control system to provide its client with a common platform to universally control all its core production equipment including routers, multi-viewers, vision mixers, camera, media servers and more.

“A design of such complexity requires a powerful, easy-to-use control system,” says Christopher Hawkes, principal at Kromers. “Providing this simplicity and power, TSL’s solution offers users complete control via a unified infrastructure, allowing for immediate access to all devices across multiple networks, avoiding the need for individual sets of control interfaces. Plus, with Virtual Panels, access and routing between the different networked systems is fast and intuitive. There were no competitors to the TSL solution in terms of platforms that could effectively manage NDI, SDI and ST 2110 routing.”

With more teams, venues and cities involved in eSports, as well as an increase in overseas competitions, TJ Sports requires an advanced, centralized control system to carry out high-quality, telecast productions across multiple venues. TSL’s TallyMan system hosts centralized scheduling and control of the overall signal in the entire studio complex, including five studios, five control rooms and the core server room. Simultaneously, the system carries out centralized tally management as well as some personalized items throughout the broadcast process, including scheduling signal pre-sets to streamline operator workflow.

“TSL enables us to produce more events that are more intensive and complex,” says Zhang Xuming, head of broadcast technology planning at TJ Sports. “The TSL solution reduces execution risk during production while improving the overall operator experience, and its budget-friendly price is extremely attractive. TSL is always ready to listen to our needs and make a timely response with customized product adjustments and program design tailored to our special needs. By exchanging ideas and brainstorming together, we can figure out some fantastic ideas that combine both of our strengths. We look forward to continuing to embrace the innovative spirit of eSports by working with TSL to pioneer this world-leading cluster.”

TSL supplies globally trusted and road-tested production control solutions that bridges the gap between IP framework components and any broadcast or live presentation technical equipment. Offering a popular solution for delivering completely customizable control systems, TSL allows users to streamline complex processes down to a user-friendly touch screen system. With TSL, customers in the AV space can expand storytelling capabilities with seamless control and the ability to interface with pre-existing third-party devices, protecting overall investment.

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