APAC Gaming Broadcaster Picks TCAS TV Content Protection

An unnamed gaming broadcaster in Southeastern Asia has installed a TV content protection system from Tolka, a US provider of security and advertising insertion technology for IPTV, OTT and DTT services.

The installation is based on TCAS for Contribution, a recently developed version of Tolka’s Conditional Access System (CAS), replacing the network's third-party signal content protection technology which had been hacked leading to retransmissions across multiple audience regions.

"Secure transmission is important for all subscription-based broadcast networks, especially in the gaming sector," said Tolka's business development manager, Alex Day. "The hacked platform had been using encryption algorithms originally developed to protect microwave feeds sent from TV reporters' newsgathering vehicles back to their studio headquarters. The newly installed TCAS for Contribution gives channel operators independent control of each contribution feed server. Multiple feeds can be sent to each decryption module, ensuring flexibility and the added protection of delivery channel redundancy."

TCAS can be deployed by TV broadcasters as a primary conditional access system or for simulcrypt applications. TCAS for Contribution is one of four versions available, the others being TCAS for DVB, TCAS for IPTV, and TCAS for Apps. TCAS for DVB, TCAS for IPTV are both hardware based and use a Tolka-specific secure chipset. TCAS for Apps is software based and can run on generic CPUs. The software version is updated regularly to maintain its effectiveness against evolving security threats, while giving broadcasters and pay TV operators the ability to expand their services, offer more convenient payment methods and achieve greater control over content ownership, according to Tolka.

TCAS integrates into existing broadcast and IPTV service-provider infrastructure to support IP, terrestrial, cable, satellite, mobile and hybrid networks without interrupting subscriber services. It can be operated in conjunction with multi-room and multi-screen environments, sending encrypted content to multiple devices within a home network. For mobile or tablet devices, TCAS acts through a central subscription in the home to monitor content viewing from multiple devices.

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