MCG Captures Live AFL Match Action With New Fujinon UA 107 Lens

MKTG Sports + Entertainment, a global integrated agency who operate the MCG Scoreboard Control as part of the commercial rights agreement to deliver the AFL, are contractually obliged to produce in-venue coverage of AFL matches for the two big screens separate from the broadcast coverage.

The match coverage is provided primarily through two fixed stand cameras, a tight shot provided by an 87x lens and a 40x for wider shots, and an AFL owned portable RF camera that completes the production. Recently there was a requirement for a newer, more powerful lens and for that they chose the Fujinon UA 107.

MKTG's GM Operations & Technology, Mike Lewis, explained, “The two stand cameras need to be very agile and closely follow or anticipate the play. The existing Fujinon 87x lens had served us well after 15 years of service and required replacement. The MCC, the equipment owner, agreed replacement was required and asked MKTG to facilitate options for replacement.”

The lens's requirements needed to be futureproofed for the MCC, and according to Lewis, the 4K UA 107 was the right choice for the application.

He added, “Fan engagement and brand activation are essential considerations in entertaining crowds before matches or during breaks in play. The Fujinon UA 107 allows the operator to shoot very tight, keep up with the play, and easily single out spectators for big-screen coverage. The MCC asked us to provide options for them that would be best in class and ensure that they were futureproofed with compatible 4K capability, the Fujinon lens met that requirement.

MCC's General Manager - IT & Innovation, Rey Sumaru, said, "The MCC has an obligation to provide the best possible experience for our members, their guests, fans and all those who come to the MCG. In addition, the investment in this new Fujinon lens sees a commitment to the future ensuring our technological purchases keep us current and ensure we have an eye on future 4K development." 

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