French Film OTT Service Cinessance Goes To 24i For Streaming

Netherlands based online video technology provider 24i has been chosen by Cinessance, the first globally-accessible VOD platform dedicated to French cinema, for its streaming platform.

24i will supply its Smart Video backend, Smart Apps front-end applications and Backstage content and application management interface, along with CDN (Content Delivery Network) services and an off-the-shelf integration with subscriber management capabilities from Cleeng. This cloud-based package covers all elements of the Cinessance end-to-end workflow from content ingest and management to the applications on multiple devices.

Cinessance aims to launch in the US and Canada later this year with a library comprising hundreds of classic and modern movies, which will be available on web browsers, as well as via Android and iOS apps, with support for casting via Chromecast and AirPlay. Expansion to further devices, additional international markets and a catalogue of up to 500 titles is planned for 2022.

The service will feature all genres from drama, comedy and action films to animated children’s movies. Consumers will be able rent individual titles (TVOD), or take out a monthly subscription (SVOD).

“We were looking for a one-stop-shop that would cover all of our technical needs in a single solution. We were impressed with 24i’s strong OTT track record and the usability of both their video streaming applications and the Backstage management interface,” said Cinessance Founder & CEO Clément Monnet.

Cinessance will target the hundreds of millions of French speakers worldwide, while Francophiles interested in French culture will benefit from the English subtitles on offer. 

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