Quicklink Studio Assists In Virtual Studio Interview With Jose Mourinho

oXyFire Media and Chrome Productions use Quicklink Studio to assist in production of a virtual studio interview between football manager Jose Mourinho in a studio in London, and an interviewer based in a second studio in Dublin, Ireland.

For the production, Quicklink Studio was used to provide a conversation between London, Dublin and the Sheffield based Master Control Room (MCR). Using Scarlett audio interfaces into laptops based in London and Dublin, Quicklink Studio facilitated a bi-directional Conference call between both parties as well as the MCR.

To achieve a successful REMI virtual studio production, both the interviewer and interviewee were positioned in a green screened environment to allow for a virtual backdrop to be applied. To allow for natural conversation, monitors were strategically placed at the other's eye-line, to make it appear as though they were making eye contact throughout the interview.

“Quicklink was a vital part of the virtual production workflow. I needed a system I had faith in and could trust to deliver. I’ve used Quicklink Studio many times over the pandemic and it’s proved rock solid. I wouldn’t want to use anything else; especially on such high-profile projects,” said Jay Rozanski, Creative Director at oXyFire Media.

Hannah Chitty, Producer at Chrome Productions added: “This was a very technical job and as always oXyFire Media were keen to take the challenge on. The project encountered a few challenges of which we managed to overcome, however the results were fantastic.”

Quicklink Studio enables the gathering of high-quality video and audio contributions from a laptop or mobile device with no apps or software installations required. Contributors can be invited by an operator to contribute via SMS, WhatsApp, email or by generating a shareable URL link. From the Quicklink Manager, the operator is able to remotely control and configure the contributor’s device camera, microphone, speaker settings, resolution, data bandwidth and latency if required.

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