EEG’s Alta Supports Live Captioning For AWS CDI

EEG Video launches CDI Alta to support live captioning for AWS Cloud Digital Interface, streamlining real-time captioning for uncompressed live video over IP.

The introduction of CDI Alta follows EEG’s previous announcement of support for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Media Intelligence (AWS MI) solutions. Through this collaboration, EEG’s Alta and Lexi Automatic Captioning service were made available as part of AWS Media Intelligence (AWS MI) solutions.

AWS CDI is a network technology that allows Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and AWS Partners to build reliable, live video applications that can connect products and services within the AWS Cloud. AWS CDI enables users to transport high-quality uncompressed video inside the AWS Cloud with high reliability and network latency as low as 8 milliseconds.

A cloud-based encoder for live IP video, Alta merges intelligent captioning and translation capabilities to cloud-based video workflows operating in AWS CDI, as well as MPEG-TS and SMPTE 2110. Alta processing pipelines can be run in private VPCs (Virtual Private Cloud), or in full-service short-term packages from EEG with the Alta Cloud Rentals program.

With Alta, broadcasters and content creators have 24/7 connectivity to thousands of iCap-certified captioners worldwide. In a recent article post, AWS noted, “Connecting IP workflows to the iCap Network, Alta harnesses AWS CDI to ensure reliable, low latency transport of uncompressed live video.” CDI Alta users also have the option to caption via EEG’s Lexi, now Lexi 2.0 with its AI-driven 95%+ accuracy.

EEG’s CDI Alta significantly streamlines real-time captioning for uncompressed live video over IP, making closed captioning and subtitling easy and cost-effective for more content creators to implement into their productions. As demand builds for new content and enhanced experiences for audiences, content creators are often challenged to add closed captions to videos and live events at scale. Captioning is necessary to make content accessible for wider audiences. Increasingly, it is also mandated to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

"AWS CDI is supporting a new wave of migration to the cloud at the highest tier of live video production,” says Bill McLaughlin, CTO of EEG. “Live captioning and ancillary data processing with CDI Alta makes captioning for CDI easy, providing a cloud-based complement to EEG’s work with the SMPTE-2110 uncompressed standard for on-prem channel production. With CDI Alta our iCap customers are perfectly positioned to maintain closed captioning quality and continuity, while improving reliability, scalability, and affordability."

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