Monterosa Has A Cloud SaaS

The Monterosa / Interaction Cloud is described as a real-time engagement SaaS platform that helps make audiences more valuable through loyalty, first-party data and commerce.

Tom McDonnell, CEO, Monterosa, comments: “Media and sports organisations face both threats and great opportunity. With busy internal teams, they need ways to deliver compelling, reliable digital products quickly, feeding their need for audience loyalty, first party data, and commerce. We created the interaction cloud to be the engine room for that engagement, helping them execute their digital strategy quickly with software that slots into their existing environments.”

In 2020, Monterosa saw a 200% increase in unique users - engaging and interacting 5x more than in 2019. This highlights the growth in consumer appetite for interactivity and the consequent sense of community. In the context of a need for revenue diversity, and a demand for more data-driven consumer relationships, the new self-service platform is being made available to organisations in media and sport who want to unlock greater value from their audiences.

Among the growing spectrum of experiences on offer are real-time games, voting, companion apps and interactive video layers - together offering a comprehensive set of ways to enhance their events and digital products.

To harness the value of first-party data for segmentation, predictions and personalisation, the platform's makes it easy to integrate first-party data with Customer Data Platforms, CRMs, Ad Servers and Online Video Platforms.

Monterosa / Interaction Cloud is a multilingual platform, deployed with ViacomCBS/Nickelodeon in the latest edition of its hit Kid's Choice Awards property. This saw the platform service hundreds of millions of votes cast from 24 countries and 17 different languages over a six-week period.

"Monterosa has given us the ability to reach our audience in a new way," says Michelle Cauchi Senior Director, Creative Promotions, Interactive Production Nickelodeon. "They've been instrumental in our growth, making sure our offering can keep up with social media. We can iterate together on products and control everything ourselves from the platform. We would highly recommend both Monterosa and the platform." 

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