Mórbido TV Expands Content Distribution With Veset Nimbus

Mórbido TV has chosen Veset Nimbus, the professional cloud playout SaaS from Veset, to distribute its linear channel to multiple destinations in Latin America.

Launched in Mexico in January 2018 by IB Broadcasting Company SAPI de CV as a Pay TV channel, Mórbido TV caters to a growing audience of horror fans across Latin America. Delivering genre-specific content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Mórbido TV required a reliable, flexible and affordable linear channel management system to support its expansion. Morbido delivers to a wide range of distribution from its own web app to platforms such as Altice, Totalplay, Entel, Mi Internet and VEAS satellite uplink.

Using Veset’s fully cloud-based architecture system, Nimbus, the system was deployed, tested and connected to multiple distribution points in just two months from initial conversation. Veset Nimbus is an enterprise grade cloud playout solution which includes a complete linear broadcast channel and playout workflow leveraging AWS cloud resources. Users of the platform can operate the channel using Veset’s web application from anywhere in the world.

Eduardo Caso, Managing Director, Mórbido TV, commented: “The horror genre is rising in popularity. With global content production growing year on year, Mórbido TV wants to showcase as much of this content to as many viewers as we can. Working with the team at Veset has enabled us to expand our offering to more fans via our distributors in a truly short time. As well as the cost benefits, Veset Nimbus is going to give us the opportunity to reach a wider demographic.”

Igor Krol, CEO, Veset, added: “As the demand for high-quality content continues to rise across Latin America, providers are increasingly looking for cost-efficient solutions to deliver their channels to consumers across multiple distribution platforms. By integrating our Veset Nimbus architecture, Mórbido TV is able to deliver quality, scalable content to its consumers without any unmanageable costs. Working with Mórbido TV marks our expansion into this exciting market.”

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