Switch Media Provides OTT Service To Telekom Television

Switch Media has won the contract to provide the online video platform for Solomon Telekom Company’s recently launched streaming service delivering free-to-air TV.

The service is utilizing Switch Media’s MediaHQ Lite online video platform, which provides subscribers with a two-channel service available online across multiple devices including Chromecast streaming technology.

Recent completion of an undersea cable between Australia, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea has significantly increased connectivity, opening technology opportunities for communities on these islands. The new OTT service will provide a combination of free-access and subscription, with subscribers receiving unlimited data via their ISP. Billing is administered via mobile phones and users will have the opportunity to purchase vouchers to access the service from local retailers.

Robertson Szetu, Chief Commercial Officer, Telekom Television said, “The undersea cable has opened the doors for our communities to access high-speed services. Our new OTT offering gives greater access to viewers looking for news, sports and entertainment programs across a variety of devices, 24/7.”

Using MediaHQ Lite, TTV can push content to the market more quickly and less expensively. Switch Media describes its MediaHQ Lite as a best-of-breed package that allows content providers to extend their reach, release operational resources and adapt to the changing OTT landscape and consumer expectations. This means an OTT service can be launched relatively quickly and easily without much customization other than adapting to the company’s own branding. 

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