Comark Releases New Air-Cooled Solid-State UHF DTV Transmitters

Hitachi Kokusai Electric Comark (“COMARK”), has announced the introduction of the E-Compact EC705LP-AT1 (50W) and EC720LP-AT1 (125W) series high-efficiency air-cooled solid-state UHF DTV transmitters.

These two new models, EC705LP-AT1 and EC720LP-AT1, incorporate the ATSC exciter, driver, and final PA into a single rack-mountable chassis. The EC720LP-AT1 includes a slot that can accommodate a second, optional backup power supply for 100% redundancy. The power supplies utilize a front panel plug-in connection for quick service. The air-cooled PA design includes automatic cooling fan speed control that provides lower acoustic noise levels during operation and saves electrical energy while increasing the life span of the fans. Customers can either mount the transmitter in their existing equipment rack cabinet or an optional 10RU rack supplied by COMARK.

The EC700LP-AT1 series of transmitters feature System-on-Chip (SoC) technology. SoC integrates multiple system elements into a compact architecture utilizing high power processing power and superior reliability. SoC embeds powerful software such as MER measurements, IMD measurements, as well as linear and non-linear automatic digital pre-correction. The transmitters include front panel controls, comprehensive web-GUI, and SNMP for remote control and monitoring. An optional off-air receiver is available so that these units can be operated as a translator. The E-Compact family is compact and rugged, perfectly suited for broadcasters looking to replace their current older and less efficient equipment. 

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