Magic Bullet Adds MacOS Big Sur And Final Cut Pro Support

Magic Bullet has added MacOS Big Sur and Final Cut Pro support to its Suite 14 of tools for color correction, finishing and film looks, originally unveiled in November 2020.

Along with these compatibility updates, various minor enhancements and stability improvements have been incorporated in this maintenance release of the suite.

Among the refinements are fixes for loading thumbnails and 100+ LUTs (Look-Up Tables) for MB Looks and significant improvements to MB Colorista. The latter include minor adjustment layer and keyframing issues for PPro, as well as enhanced loading times for After Effects and Premiere Pro.

The upgrade of Magic Bullet Suite 14 is available free as part of existing subscriptions to Red Giant Complete and Maxon One. Customers with older versions of Magic Bullet Suite or individual products can upgrade at discounted prices available on request.

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