​Turkuvaz Media Group Use Cinegy From Ingest to Playout

Turkuvaz Media Group - the provider of channels including ATV, AHaber, Anews, A2, Aspor, Apara, MinikA and MinikA GO has completed the extension of its use of Cinegy technology to increase their playout and editing capabilities. Cinegy software is used for every stage of the production workflow: ingest, archive, monitoring, editing and playout.

Turkuvaz Medya has built new offices and an operation centre to serve 9 TV channels and 4 Radio channels. The studios are designed to be able to serve different usage purposes. Twelve of these are 12m tall and range in size between 200m2 and 1500m2. These studios will be controlled by 6 Program Control Rooms with 4K infrastructure and 4 PCR with HD infrastructure. There are also 9 Master Control Rooms with 4K infrastructure and equipment. 

Cinegy has been instrumental in the digital production workflows within the Turkuvaz Media Group since 2011, with the first phase at that time including a transition from SD to HD for selected channels. Turkuvaz Media Group is one of the biggest distribution companies in Turkey and is a leading institution and brand within the television sector in Turkey, providing channels such as ATV, which is one of Turkey’s most prominent and acclaimed television networks along with ATV Europe, MinikA and AHaber.

ATV has been a influential player in the shaping of Turkish television over the years due to its innovative and ground-breaking approach to program-making helped over the last few years by Cinegy’s advanced file-based technology supporting a completely digital end-to-end workflow with local integration, training and support supplied by local Cinegy partner, Orsatek Bilisim.

Footage arrives in various formats and is transferred to the digital archive where teams can access content and collaborate on multiple tasks from different locations. All rights are managed within the Cinegy system to ensure the content is secure. Dependent on access levels, users can then access the clips and metadata in the digital archive.

ATV has been broadcasting in HD since 25th April 2011 and undertook several major Cinegy expansions in that time. The transition to HD broadcast for ATV and Haber (News) was a significant step forward for the Turkuvaz Media Group.

Turkuvaz currently own Cinegy Archive with redundancy, 55 Cinegy Air PRO bundles, several Cinegy Converts with 24 agents in total, 45 Cinegy Captures, and 380 Cinegy Desktops for editing. 

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