​Creative.space’s Updates Snapshot With Greater Protection From Data Theft

Creative.space has released what it calls the industry’s most comprehensive storage ‘snapshot’ tools, logic, and web app to protect and recover from accidental or networked file encryption and deletion attacks.

In response to COVID-19, many creatives are being required to work remotely and recently there has been a 148% spike in ransomware attacks. Creative.space, a division of storage provider DigitalGlue, has released a snapshot tool which is an exact picture of the state of your data at a certain point in time. It is based upon a single dataset (they call it a “Space”).

“Snapshots and rollbacks are almost instantaneous and don’t require additional storage space until any active files are deleted,” it says. “creative.space’s enhanced features allow users to not only take a protected snapshot of their data, but also schedule future snapshots, set an expiration date, and assign administrative access based upon user roles.

Unique to the tech is a powerful web app file browser that computes a visual comparison between the current Space and previous snapshots.

“For intelligent decision making, only files and folders that have been modified or deleted since the last snapshot was taken are visible to users. Snapshots and their contents are automatically filtered to only show what’s relevant, hiding any files and/or folders in the Snapshot that are still in your active Space. Once the specific file or folder is found, users can restore it using the copy and sync tool, which features powerful conflict resolution options. If the parent directories no longer exist, they will be automatically created, preserving file paths that may be referenced by creative applications. Any permissions assigned when the Snapshot is taken are frozen, so file and folder access is filtered based on user authentication.

These new snapshot tools along with the other innovative features in the 1.5 release of the creative.space web app deliver creative post-production teams an enterprise storage solution that adapts to their needs, fits their budget, and does not require specialized knowledge or IT training.

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