BoFiNet Enlists Globecast For Botswana OTT Service

Botswana-based production company Plastique enlisted Globecast as its technical partner to supply a turnkey OTT service for Botswana Fibre Networks ( BoFiNet), Botswana’s provider of national and telco infrastructure.

The first phase of the project involves providing a live streaming linear channel and video sharing platform TV station called Now TV. Working with Plastique, Globecast has created an OTT platform with a branded web interface including login and subscriber management. Globecast ingests an IP feed with satellite backup for the linear channel and has also created an EPG as well as a video sharing asset management portal with remote ingest and storage. The transcoding of all linear and VOD content into five different profiles is handled as well as front end development according to the client’s requirement. Geo-blocking, a full range of analytics within the CMS, as well as Google Analytics, are also provided.

The OTT platform contains some basic social tools for viewers to interact with and provides them with the ability to upload their own content, enabled by Globecast. The platform is adaptive and Android/iOS friendly. It is also search engine-optimised, which helps grow the service.

Now TV required rapid deployment with Globecast able to set up the service on its platform in Johannesburg while also delivering and configuring the infrastructure in Botswana.

Commented Stefan Wiederkehr, Project Manager, Globecast, “By working with Globecast, Now TV benefitted not only from our technical expertise but also our one-stop shop approach with services that are normally supplied by multiple companies. As well as the fundamental platform work, we also sourced and installed all the servers at the BoFiNet premises in Gaborone. This included arranging cross-border permits and ensuring things like the power and air conditioning are provided at the right levels. We were able to assist with satellite and fibre connectivity too.”

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