Sony Updates UWP-D Wireless Microphones

Sony has introduced a new generation of its UWP-D wireless microphone system offering higher sound quality with faster and easier set-up.

Sony said the new UWP-D transmitters and receivers have NFC Sync and Auto-Gain functions, which handle time-consuming frequency setup and mic-level adjustments. They were designed with simplicity in mind for cameramen, videographers, vloggers and journalists working in the field without a crew.

Sound quality is greatly improved with the addition of the new SMAD-P5 digital-data transmission interface, compatible with Sony cameras equipped with a digital Multi Interface Shoe (MI shoe).

Designed to be compact and lightweight for mobility, the UTX-B40 bodypack transmitter has been reduced by approximately 20 percent compared to the previous model’s size. In addition, the length of the URX-P40 receiver (with the SMAD-P5 MI shoe adapter attached) has been shortened, making it easy for use with compact camcorders or smaller digital interchangeable-lens cameras.

An additional benefit of the MI adapter is the ability to unify power management, since the wireless receiver gets power from the camera, while the camera synchronizes power on/off with the receiver. The SMAD-P5 is compatible with selected models of Sony cameras equipped with an MI shoe.

The NFC SYNC feature is designed for quick channel setting for reliable RF transmission. By holding the NFC SYNC button on the receiver for a few seconds, it automatically scans the cleanest frequency. For optimal speed and efficiency, users only need to touch the receiver with the transmitter to sync the RF channel.

Most of the individual components are priced at $350. 

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