Bebob Adds Quick Chargers For Micro Batteries

Munich-based power and accessory maker, bebob, has added chargers and power accessories for its recently introduced V-mount and Gold-mount Micro 14.4V battery packs. 

Adhering to the principle that size matters — especially when operator-held, bebob said the 45Wh, 98Wh and 150Wh Lithium-ion packs now have suitably sized fast chargers and an array of accessories.

New bebob Micro chargers are made in both the V and Gold mount versions. Bebob said AS2micro and VS2micro are currently the smallest two-channel simultaneous quick chargers in the industry.

Together, they provide charging current of 16.8V/2.5A (2.5A per channel, or 5.0A total charging current) at 18.69 ounces. Charging time varies according to battery: two 45Wh Micros reach capacity in 1.5 hours, two 98Wh Micros max out at 2.5 hours, and two 150Wh Micros fully charge in 3.5 hours.

For four-channel simultaneous quick charging, bebob offers the AS4micro and VS4micro. The same size as normal two-channel chargers, the bebob AS4micro and VS4micro can charge twice the amount of batteries. This immediately reduces the required space by half.

The VS8micro and AS8micro eight-channel chargers, bebob said, are the fastest eight-channel charging solution in the market. It takes three hours to fully charge eight 45Wh Micros, five hours for eight 98Wh Micros, and seven hours for eight 150Wh Micros to reach capacity.



The S1micro D-Tap Quick Charger is an ultra-compact charger for all kinds of batteries. It weighs 12.8 ounces and charges at 168V, 5A via D-Tap. A 45Wh battery reaches capacity in 45 minutes, a 98Wh in one hour 15 minutes and a 150Wh is ready to go in one hour 45 minutes.

In addition to the chargers, bebob offers a host of other accessories including an array of power plates, battery adapters, breakout adapters, Hot Swap Adapters and Micro Beltclips. 

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