Anton-Bauer’s Titon Batteries Used on Action-Packed Venice Beach Commercial Shoot

Stuntman Angelos Poulis was running, leaping and somersaulting along California’s iconic Venice Beach while hotly pursued by filmmaker Michael Shu armed with his lightweight Sony FS5 powered by an Anton/Bauer Titon V90 V-Mount battery.

Shu, a director of cinematography with a specialty in camera motion, followed Poulis non-stop, capturing the moves of traceurs in the sport of Parkour. The idea is to keep running and don’t stop for anything whether it be railings, walls, stairs, benches or concrete structures. The traceur must get from one point to the next in the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Shu had unenviable task of capturing the nimble moves of the traceurs as they practiced their art. Any equipment failure means the fleeting chance to capture their subject is lost. For this shoot, Shu tested the new Titon battery from Anton/Bauer on a parkour-based commercial shoot.

Shu and an assistant

Shu and an assistant

With over four hours of run time from the Titon battery and Sony's FS5 camera connected with the Wooden Camera FS5 Pro Accessory Kit, Shu counted on his FS5 running as long as free-runner Angelos. With power to spare and with smart USB and P-TAP ports, Shu added a SmallHD monitor to his rig to keep track of the action. The director and clients did not need to run along the beach. A Teradek Serv Pro completed his rig that enabled him to stream footage directly from his camera to their iPads.

The shoot was a success. “With just a quick tap of the battery I could keep track of the remaining run time on the LCD screen,” said Shu. “Angelos was pleased that I didn’t need to ask him to perform over and over again and the battery even had enough power left at the end of the day to recharge my iPhone.”

With the California sun setting on the palm-tree fringed golden sands every shot was in the can and ready for the commercial to be edited and released. 

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