CEITON Technologies

While very much a German company, founded by businessman Tobias Soppa in Leipzig in 1999, with offices in Los Angeles USA, the guiding principles behind CEITON's development and products are based on the Japanese theory of origination and work.

The company's software products, which run on a proprietary, web-operated program, is aimed at managing and scheduling a variety of business processes; in the entertainment and production field this includes DVD authoring and managing broadcast workflows.

The name CEITON is taken from the Japanese concept of Seiton, which is connected to the Just in Time production strategy that is designed to increase a business's return on investment through more efficient handling of the inventory.

Seiton is made up of five categories, each beginning, in the Japanese language, with the letter 'S'; these translates as: Tidiness, Orderliness, Cleanliness, Standardisation and Discipline. All are designed to impose a better sense of workplace organisation. TTo achieve this in its chosen areas of operation, CEITON has produced a range of software programs for workflow and scheduling. At the centre of this is a workflow management system for production scheduling and control that is designed to allow users to automate processes so that they can concentrate on primary tasks and move away from the manual control of systems. CEITON also offers consultation services. It works with leading broadcasters and entertainment producers. With customers includingA&E Networks,Yle, Rai,Red Bull Media House,MDR and many others it has taken the lead in this area.