Founded in Munich in 2002, Cataneo produces software systems for advertising sales, sales control, customer relationship management (CRM), channel management, scheduling and licence and content management. Its first product was the MYDAS (Media Yield and Data System) advertising traffic and media sales management package.

Described as an all-in-one booking system for all media from broadcast TV to online, among its features are a full Media CRM tool for managing client relations and sales activities, reporting facilities and an automated rate card generator. The program was first put on air by Premiere in Germany in 2003, followed a year later by Viva/VivaPlus and RTL2, with Das Vierte and Tele5 following suit in 2005 and 2006 respectively. MYDAS was also adopted by Discovery Networks and GIGA in 2007, along with the MYTOS (Media Yield and Television Operating System) channel management and programme-scheduling program. This is an integrated programme planning and scheduling system offering features for managing the programme grid and all possible changes that can occur within it. It also has tools for promotion planning and booking and licence management and is able to cope with both linear and non-linear broadcasting.

Other Cataneo products include the AMY Automated Inventory Yield management system for analysing inventories on a daily basis; the Correos media CRM system, which can be either stand-alone or integrated into a full Cataneo CRM installation; the Meprys pricing tool, which can be integrated with MYDAS and MYTOS; and a range of interfaces for working with channel playout and planning systems, finance and internal systems and external organisations such as audience data agencies.