Aframe is a cloud video platform for storing, sharing and managing professional video for TV and film production. Aframe expedites upload, ingest, storage, collaboration, review/approval, metadata, tagging, logging, and then through to edit integration and distribution or delivery to post – streamlining the entire production workflow. Its enterprise-grade automation, business intelligence and control capabilities reduce the number of steps required to get content to air, and make it easy to build blazingly fast, self-service workflows that save time and lower costs. 

Aframe’s private cloud enables:

  • Automated Media Movement and Transcode Workflows in Aframe Desktop – Aframe automatically transcodes content into an h.264 viewing copy, and if desired, can automatically transcode footage to one or more broadcast standards, including XDCam, DVCProHD and DNxHD – before delivering it to team members around the world. Such automation streamlines this multi-step process to be seamless, fast and efficient.
  • Aframe’s desktop app provides a drag and drop automated file upload, enabling an automated “Share to Many” capability for simple and time-saving workflow orchestration.
  • Metrics Dashboard that displays analytics on cloud video storage use, per-account-seat allocation, file transfers and share links created – data showing who is using what resources and where at a glance, for cost allocation and insight on better ways for teams to work.
  • Blazingly Fast Performance–with page loads in Aframe now 5x faster than just six months ago
  • Integration with third-party products like Adobe Prelude – with XMP Metadata created in Adobe Prelude captured at the point of upload, helping users to maintain their preferred video workflow.
  • Highly secure and robust workflows– All Aframe servers are linked so that 3 copies of media are always saved - 2 in the origin location, 1 replicated on the opposite side of the country - with triple security from FACT accreditation, 256-bit encryption and its triple-backup datacenter network.