Matrix Solutions

Matrix Solutions’ cloud-based media ad sales platform serves as an effective, enterprise-wide solution for managing advertising revenue. Functioning as a fully-integrated layer within a company’s workflow, it enables users to compile, access, and interact with their pertinent sales data including revenue and analytics. Its extensive sales capabilities and revenue-generating proficiency provides users a valuable return on investment.

Meet Monarch. Matrix Solutions’ new global media ad sales platform, Monarch, features an entirely new architecture that scales extensively while simultaneously accommodating endless integrations. By design, Monarch serves as a centralized hub for any comprehensive advertising workflow, aggregating and normalizing data from multiple sources in the workflow, providing users with the information they need to manage accounts and increase revenue. Monarch’s key features include:

  • Digital Specific Integrations
  • Data Cards
  • Intelligent Alerts
  • Deal Pipeline
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Team Dashboards

Matrix Means Forward Thinking. Matrix Solutions was founded in 1992 by media industry executives with a vision for a better way to drive sales success and efficiencies with technology. Mark Gorman, the company’s CEO, continues to lead Matrix Solutions through its growth and development.

Matrix Means Innovation. Headquartered in Pittsburgh PA, Matrix Solutions has significantly invested in its next-generation, cloud-based solution for media clients, with an exceptional app-like user experience. This focus, combined with their media CRM and extensive analytics and reporting, are unmatched in the industry.

Matrix Means Technology Leadership. Matrix Solutions has a proven technology platform and an outstanding team with wide-ranging media expertise. The company is customer-focused through the capabilities it offers, and how the platform is implemented, delivered, and supported. This holistic approach to customer success is how they boast a near 100% renewal rate from existing customers. The success of Matrix Solutions comes as a direct result of arduous work applying feedback and improving customers’ experience and a steadfast focus on media sales.