Hamlet Video International Limited

Hamlet Video International Limited is a British company dedicated to the design, manufacture and supply of innovative, high quality and cost-effective test and measurement equipment to the video and broadcast industries worldwide.

Hamlet has completely eliminated CRTs from its instruments, thereby removing the need for routine display recalibration and thus reducing significantly the cost of ownership of a precision instrument. With its latest devices using an all-digital internal platform, Hamlet has moved towards a calibrated-for-life test and measurement system.

Hamlet’s vectorscopes and waveform monitors either use an internal precision LCD display or provide an output to either a video or a computer monitor, which can be routed to the operator’s convenience. In either case the graticule is generated digitally within the device, so provides a continually reliable and accurate reference.

The company also develops test and measurement software to be used in conjunction with broadcast systems running on standard computers. Hamlet also manufactures digitally-stable signal generators as a companion to its measurement devices.

The product range includes new and enhanced, file, baseband, software & hardware, test, measurement, monitoring and QC instruments for: 3D, 3G, HD, SD, embedded, surround sound & analogue audio.