Nimbus’ WiMi series offers low cost H.264-based Wireless, 1080p60 video transmitter (TX)/receiver (RX) solutions with near zero delay (30~90ms) over Wi-Fi with the coverage of 900m at a line of sight (LOS). At IBC2017 we will launch a new hardware-based HEVC/H.265 4k/UHD Encoder/Decoder system, WiMi8000/8200 and Smart-phone Broadcasting System WiMi7200. Products: WiMi5150: Wireless HDMI with 30ms of latency, radio coverage of 900m, RTSP streaming server on TX. WiMi6220: Wireless HDMI or SD-SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI video transmission system, radio coverage of 900m, RTSP/MPEG2TS Streaming server on both TX and RX, wireless talk-back audio, full duplex RS422/Ethernet for relaying camera control signals from/to CCU/camera. WiMi6400: Low cost 1080p60 video encoder with HD-SDI/HDMI/VGA over IP networks, RTSP/MPEG2TS streaming server on both TX and RX. WiMi7200: Smart-phone Broadcasting System with maximum 4 smart-phones simultaneously with 720p30 resolutions. WiMi8000: Hardware-based HEVC/H.265 4k/UHD Encoder/Decoder. WiMi8200T: Hardware-based HEVC/H.265 full HD Encoder.