Dynamic Drive Pool

DDPs are Ethernet SAN clusters with a single file system consisting of minimum one DDP with up to 6GB/s throughput and up to 3PB capacity, standalone or redundant with failover. DDP storage, and any type of DDP, can be added on the fly with linear scaling in bandwidth (starting at max. 6GB/s per DDP) and capacity (starting at max. 3PB per DDP). The cluster can be with hard disks, SSDs or hybrid, any capacity, any number. Files can be cached, load balanced, moved around, distributed without file system changes on the front end. Clients access the DDPs in parallel and the DDPs can be anywhere on the network. In a mirror cluster, clients write each file to a designated mirror in the cluster. An upcoming task manager schedules file caching, distributing, consolidating and copying between DDPs. A master view page is there for management.