Rascular is an application-focused, broadcast control and monitoring company. We have developed a range of PC-based control applications, providing the ability to create user-defined control panels and to trigger complex broadcast systems at the touch of a button, offering new possibilities for the accurate control of best-of-breed third-party technologies.

Nowadays, users buy a piece of technology only to find it so overburdened with features that actually using it in anger becomes a nightmare of screens and button clicks. This is a growing issue in our industry. The problem of overcomplicated and/or underdeveloped manufacturer control systems - and the fact that an operator could well be faced with working with several of these control systems to achieve a single task – is real and has clear economic ramifications.

Using a PC-based, fully user-customisable control system - Helm - is one answer; more specific PC-based applications like RouteMaster another. These solutions allow engineers to set up workflows that are as simple or complex as they like, to extend existing product life or to create automated time-of-day events that never need worry an engineer or operator again.

Let’s take one, real-world customer application. A broadcaster required a cost-effective system to create customised router control panels that could be deployed across its international operations. In addition, the broadcaster wanted a robust application to control the routers automatically at key times of the day on a repeat basis. For example, a channel in Arabia might take programming from a channel in the Far East from midnight to 5am. Helm Clockwork – a Helm application - allows the broadcaster to achieve this without human intervention. Helm’s easy-to-use panel designer can be used to create purpose-built control panels for the applications. For multiple application examples visit http://www.rascular.com.