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Exset is a broadcast technology and solutions company founded in 2011. It focuses on bringing pay-TV value added services (VAS) and expertise to emerging markets where localisation, social and economic factors require a fresh approach. Exset understands that pay-TV in these markets – where internet access is but a distant dream for huge percentages of the population – can be used to provide value-add services over broadcast networks. With overall packages at a few dollars per month, value-add services, using the mobile phone as the simple return path, monetise businesses and provide information and entertainment.

That’s why Exset created DMS - a unique business and technology model that makes pay-TV self-financing without depending exclusively on subscriber fees for revenue. DMS bridges the gap between technology supply and value-add service creation, facilitating digital television platforms that can be monetised where previously virtually impossible. Examples of the VAS services Exset brings through DMS to one-way pay-TV viewers include: interactive advertising, online shopping, EPG, ad insertion, text and blog services. This allows populations to benefit from new information and entertainment services while operators and governments, when partnering with Exset, monetise digital switchover and assist in bringing about social transformation.

DMS allows operators to publish a series of images, text services and videos (alongside the TV content) in the form of pages that can be used to bring in new revenue to operators through new advertising apps. The TV portal that DMS facilitates allows operators to offer new services to its customers through a series of apps: a magazine app allowing viewers to read magazines; shopping apps allowing instant purchase of goods to be completed via mobile phone text service; QR-code advertising on the TV; red button advertising on the EPG as well as blue-button video advertising – the list goes on.

Facilitating the deployment of interactive services over and above traditional television means that operators achieve revenue not only through low-cost TV service subscription but additionally through selling interactive services using a variety of revenue models.

Exset delivers a new business model via revenue generating technology with the experience and understanding of working within these markets.