Acromove Inc. manufactures hyper-converged portable NAS servers (ServerPacktm) and Thunderbolt RAID systems (ThunderPacktm and ThunderPack Minitm) for moving large datasets and edge-of-the-cloud computing workflows. Newly incorporated in the USA in March 2017, Acromove Inc. is the former Motion FX of Athens Greece, established in 2014 but with roots that go back to 2001.

The founders are pioneers in the field of Digital Video hard disk recording systems, having shown the first portable uncompressed disk recorder at IBC in 2001. By 2005 they were doing 4k film scanning and color correction. One of their first inventions was a multi-camera direct-to-disk ingest system called Director’s Cut ISO, subsequently licensed to an Austrian company.

When you first see an Acromove product you notice immediately that it is built for the way you always wanted to work, unbound from massive racks of equipment but with the advanced capabilities you need for the modern era of computing. Acromove’s products are true inventions, informed by experience and crafted with art.