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Cinnafilm is a global leader in innovative video optimization solutions for television, film and multimedia delivery.

Harnessing modern graphics cards, Cinnafilm’s patented, file-based software offers the fastest, highest quality standards transcoding for image processing.

Products include: standards conversion; advanced inverse telecine; automatic mixed-mode normalization; phase correlation-based motion compensation; advanced, high quality de-interlacing; removal of composited cadence errors; noise and grain removal; and milm grain and texture modeling/


Cinnafilm’s patented, GPU-based algorithms in Tachyon are the replacement for dedicated, SDI hardware converters. Tachyon creates superlative pre-compression images with an unrivaled ability to smoothly correct problematic frame mechanics, accelerated beyond real-time barriers by NVIDIA Tesla GPUs and powered by Cinnafilm's proprietary video processing engine, Pixel Strings. Tachyon is the ultimate solution for file-based Standards Transcoding requiring automated and unlimited delivery targets. Tachyon is available as an appliance or as a transcoder plugin.