TV Skyline

TV Skyline is an outside broadcast facilities for television productions that also develops special cameras for specific applications such as coverage of sport, concerts and other live shows. Based in Mainz, the company has been working in the broadcasting market for over 20 years and in addition to its OB and special camera services it has studio and post-production departments, with a focus on digitisation.

TV Skyline's OB fleet comprises three HD trucks, including the flagship OB7, which offers up to 22 Ikegami HDC 97A/HDC 970A cameras, a 4k/3D/HD/SD Kahuna switcher and Lawo mc² 66 audio console, the CUT2 edit vehicle, MUFU multi-purpose unit and DSNG2. Location broadcasts can also be covered with TV Skyline's flight pack packages, which comprise up to 12 cameras, a multi-format Kahuna production switcher, a Lawo mc² 66, Riedel Artist M intercom and a VSM control system. The special camera range includes: the Qube:Cam remote HD camera; the Pool:Cam underwater camera, which can operate at up to a depth of 40 meters; the Ingoal-Set wide-angle lens unit for showing the whole of a football goal; Sports:Cam 5, a remote head camera with a large CMOS sensor, 3G/HD-SDI outputs, serial and TCP/IP data interfaces and 360 degree pan and 270 degree tilt; and the Thoma Miniature Remote, developed in collaboration with Georg Thoma. TV Skyline's SKY centre houses two full equipped studios, with Greenbox capability in the larger Studio 1, in addition to both HD and SD capability, and Studio 2 for smaller productions.