TriVis Weather Graphix

TriVis Weather Graphix

Where weather meets the eye....

TriVis Weather Graphix is a specialist developer of graphics systems for broadcast weather forecasting and presentation. 

Based in Darmstadt, TriVis Weather Graphix now supplies programs to TV broadcasters, newspapers and online/mobile operators in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

The company's developments have moved on from the ground-break 3D fly-throughs to Ultra HD/4k visuals.

TriVis Weather Graphic product packages include an affordable system that gives visualisation of satellite and radar data as well as forecasts in the form of weather symbols and spot value plots. It can be run on Linux and on Windows in encapsulated form. There are options for the TriPlay module, which allows a playout rate of 25/30 frames a second, and a freely defined 3D camera perspective. 

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