Blue Lucy

Blue Lucy is a software development leader in the field of media production workflow modernisation. We produce service orientated software tools for content asset management, workflow orchestration and video processing, enabling broadcasters and content producers to confidently migrate to entirely IT based environments.

Blue Lucy design, build and implement advanced video and audio signal processing software and content management tools for business in the media & entertainment sector. As the use of video increases, so does the reach of our projects which include banks and other non-media industries.

The Blue Lucy Asset Manager – The BLAM – challenges the orthodoxies of traditional monolithic ‘black-box’ systems design to provide a complete asset management and workflow orchestration capability in a structured and uncomplicated manner. The BLAM enables content owners to build flexible production workflows based on service oriented principals.

The Blue Lucy software tool-set provides the highest quality of video acquisition and processing for production, broadcast, VoD, OTT and web delivery. The focus of the company is very much on the delivery of value to business owners and users, as well as the techies.

StoreFront is a white-label content publishing and point-of-sale platform which provides a simple system for content owners to showcase and monetise their media catalogue. StoreFront enables content owners to realise the value of assets by providing a customised, branded public-facing portal through which material can easily be searched, retrieved and purchased.