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Sommer Cable

German company Sommer Cable, based in Straubenhardt in the state of Baden-Württemberg, produces bulk cables for video, audio (including the MI market) and hi-fi and video, as well as connectors and multicores.

It is among the few major cable manufacturers to produce its own litz, the bunches or weaves of individual insulated strands of wire that form the cable core. It is partnered with a number of cable and connector oriented companies, including Advance, Damar Hagen, FCT, Neutrik, Lundahl, Mennekes, Schill, Titanex and HellermannTyton. Sommer products include BNC-Video cables, bulk cables for video, bulk cables for audio, bulk fibre, LAN and CAT cables, audio-speaker cables, power cables, multicores, patch-adapter cables and studio looms.

Among the plug connector range are adapters (with models from Neutrik and Hicon), BNC-coax, RCA, hi-fi, jack and multichannel/multipin. Sommer also supplies 19-inch panels, permanent installation housings, multimedia/fibre/hybrid distribution systems, stage boxes and the SYSBOXX line of modular box systems, modular wall units, desk connect panels, floor tanks and 1HU installation equipment.