Based in Nuremberg, Solectrix was founded in 2005 as an independent supplier of embedded systems. From a background in medical technology, high-end camera electronics and automotive and industrial work, the company now offers a range of services, catering for customised interfaces on small projects up to the design of full installations. Among its strengths are FPGA (field-programmable gate array) design and digital image processing. Solectrix Systems was established by the same founders in 2008 and works with the service operation as a production and sales arm, which is able to produce small-scale product runs.

Products include the sinaCAM HDC-HD 2D/3D colour camera, the SX-ProTest programmable, boundary scan-based T&M device and the SX-cRIO Profibus slave module for National Instruments cRIO systems. Among Solectrix's services are consulting, analysis, specification, design, verification, rapid prototyping, qualification, production, life-cycle management and project management. Solectrix is now working with UK media recording specialist Codex on the ActionCAM range of miniature cameras. These combine Solectrix camera electronics with Codex's recording and workflow technologies in a compact package for specialist shooting. Footage is recorded straight into 12-bit RAW format on Codex Capture Drives. The small camera head allows the ActionCAM to be used as a point-of-view device or as satellite cameras in the trifocal system developed by research institute Fraunhofer HHI for stereoscopic 3D production.