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Xform Systems

Billing itself as 'The Conversion Company', XForm lives up to that by producing a range of professional broadcast signal processing products. Based in Braunschweig (Brunswick), Lower Saxony, it offers a variety of interface boxes and converters to deal with the main formats used today in TV technical production.

XForm's flagship SD product is the AV Bridge 3000 Series, a platform for four-field standard conversion, noise reduction, TBC (timebase correction), aspect ratio conversion, timecode processing and other functions. It also offers motion vector, audio embedding and de-embedding and DV I/O. High definition installations are covered by the HD PRO Series, which offers HD up, down, cross and frame rate conversion, aspect ratio conversion and colour correction/legalising.

The range comprises the HD PRO 10, HD PRO 20 and HD PRO 40. The 2000 and 3000 series are designed for analogue situations where there is no analogue component interface. The 2000D series is aimed at digital-only environments and is a budget system but with the signal quality of the PRO 10. The Sync 2000D is a full-frame TBC and frame synchroniser with adjustable system timing, gunlock reference and SDI inputs and outputs.

The Aspect 2000D converts aspect ratios with freely definable factions, such as zoom and pan and scan settings. The Quattro 2000D converts between all SD formats using an auto detect feature on the input signal. The XFM-50 is a modular infrastructure product that can be fitted with a variety of modules for different applications, including: standards conversion, HD/SD up/down/cross-conversion, colour correction, frame synchronisation, frame rate conversion, aspect ratio conversion and distribution amplifiers.